Recently Completed

Creative Collaboration @ the KJ Community Center in Pearisburg, VA

The working group consisted of six, twelve-fourteen year olds and three creative professional adults. For eight weeks, this cohort used the philosophical inquiry method to question some of our biggest societal challenges while examining ways in which one might use the arts to effect positive change in the world. Along with a digital story project, these conversations were also the basis for the visual, eco-arts portion of the program. In this work, the group designed and created a model for a large scale collaborative piece of 3D artwork, titled Rebirth. The sculpture takes the form of a white tree in early, spring-green bud, and a young dancing butterfly. This piece of work symbolizes the group’s hypothetical ‘new society’, based on the concepts of cooperation, democracy, creativity, equality, peace, diversity and fair trade of goods. The work was submitted to the Giles Arts Council’s Art in Public Places committee for permanent installation somewhere in the county. If selected the group will construct the full scale, eight-foot tall found object sculpture in three connecting parts, using man-made materials excavated from the New River, in addition to other repurposed objects and elements.