Art After School (AAS) 

LoCO Arts After School (AAS) is a new program of alternative education workshops in the sustainable creative practices. Each cycle uses best practice techniques to tumble barriers, inspiring participation amidst students of varying socio-economic backgrounds. 

The organization’s first goal is to provide an integrated creative service to all youth, benefitting the active participants as well as their parents, and their community. Upon completion of a sequence of Art After School workshop cycles, students are encouraged to continue their creative journey with transition into the Young Gifted Artist program.

Art After School (AAS) is an extracurricular creative education program designed to unite parallel cultures and offering financial and merit-based scholarship awards to children between the ages of seven and seventeen. Beginning September 2013, AAS began running eight-week cycles in the NRV location. The program is offered to a maximum of fifteen artists per cycle. Each AAS session is co-taught by experienced professionals trained in important co-leadership techniques. The young artists will collaborate while developing their unique creative abilities to produce work that cultivates understanding. 

A locally grown snack is provided.


Weekend Open Space


A locally grown snack is provided.

The LoCo Arts Oasis & Future Projected Services

LoCo Arts aspires to serve its home community from a dedicated space. Once this space is obtained, the center will house studio spaces for artists, a gallery to showcase visual and performing arts, a small theatre space, a research library of arts and culture, an archived collection of original art works, classroom and workshop space, and our offices. The space will also house the following comprehensive services:

Arts Workshops

Workshops in a wide range of creative genres and mediums. These workshops will be led by specialists in their area of study and made available to the public on a first come, first served basis.

Eco-Arts & Sustainability Projects

These community-based projects focus on eco-arts and sustainability practices that enhance the connection between art, culture, and place. In addition, eco-Arts workshops will be offered as an important aspect of this service.

Community & Public Arts Events

These free or low-cost visual and performing arts events will consist of, but are not limited to; musical performances, film screenings and festivals, performance art, dance and theatre presentations, fine arts gallery exhibitions, and lectures, talks and discussions. Films will include locally made, educational, independent, classic, and foreign films. International, national and local artists of all genres and mediums will be invited to present their work to the public.

Cultural & Social Awareness Projects

LoCo Arts will host fundraising events to raise awareness on a variety of global, social, and cultural issues. The organization wishes to work closely with National and International humanitarian organizations contributing to the relief of displaced survivors of injustice throughout the world. The theatre and gallery spaces in the LoCo Arts Oasis will be used to highlight issues surrounding these causes through planned colloquia, talks, discussions, films and workshops that educate the community and bring to light important global concerns often overlooked in America.

Open Art Studio (OAS)

An opportunity for the public to experience a working studio with the advice and guidance of an experienced professional artist. Initially the studio will be open to the public from 10am-2pm on Saturdays, with gradual expansion. The artist on hand will be available to advise participants in completion of a structured project or independent study.

Archives (Collections & Research Library)

A collective research library for use by students, resident artists and guests assembling literature on a wide range of cultural, conceptual and literary themes, as well original works of art. LoCo Arts takes an interest in rare artist monographs and a range of exhibition and collection catalogues. Within the LoCo Arts Collections, some unframed works will be archived in the Research Library while larger pieces will be stored for safekeeping between collection exhibitions. These exhibits will occur annually, curated by various board members and LoCo supporters. The organization has a strong interest in outsider and visionary art, the work of women artists, and work involving social and political commentary.