Windows 11 Android app support rolls out to Windows Insiders

Microsoft earlier this year said it would be bringing Android apps to Windows 11 through a partnership with Amazon’s app store. The feature wasn’t ready in time for the operating system’s general launch on October 5, but is now available for Windows Insider to trial in a limited capacity.

From today, beta channel Windows Insiders can preview the Android app experience on eligible devices. Insiders will find a limited selection of Android applications in the Microsoft Store that should look and feel like ordinary Windows 11 apps. Users will be able to run Android apps side by side using the Snap Layouts feature, pin them to the Start menu or Taskbar, and interact with them using a mouse, a stylus or via touch.

Microsoft said Android apps are also integrated into Alt+Tab and Task view to easily move between open apps. Furthermore, users will also get notifications from Android apps in the Action Center, and you’ll even be able to share clipboard data between Windows and Android apps.

Redmond said it designed the integration with accessibility in mind, meaning many Windows accessibility settings will work as expected in Android apps. Some expanded functionality may still be missing initially, but Microsoft is working with Amazon to iron out the wrinkles.

Insiders are encouraged to share their experiences with Android apps through the Feedback Hub.

Initially, only 50 Android apps will be available for Windows Insiders to test and validate. Microsoft said it plans to release new apps through the Windows Insider program in the coming months, suggesting a full launch to general consumers could still be a ways out.